LBWS Vacation Homes, is a rental vacation homes and management company in Orlando, and in addition to provide its clients management and property services solutions alongside Walt Disney World, also works to publish and control housing and vacation rental reservations.


"Our mission is to optimize the real estate investor's investment, to make easier the administrative details of the properties, taking care and making sure they are in the best conditions of use and fully regularized according to Florida law. We focus on the effective  properties' publicity with a constant monthly goal of bookings, generating the financial return that the owner expects and the differentiated lodging that the guest looks for ".

The main difference of our company is to maintain strategic partnerships with several tour operators to guarantee an adequate and quality occupancy rate with varied options and competitive values.To make it happen, we have a team of qualified professionals in maintenance of high standard properties and hospitality. Why choose cramped hotel rooms if you can spend the vacation of your dreams in a house with your own pool? Our list includes apartments and homes in resort condos with golf, clubhouse, private pools and other comforts for your family. Count on us to stay in the house of your dreams less than 10 minutes from Walt Disney World.